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Outsourced Recruitment: The Driving factors facing companies

11 September 2017


Outsourced recruitment is an option for many companies that are short on internal recruiting resources. These lack of resources may have been a result from downsizing or the company has not felt the need for a recruitment department due to scalability.

Other factors that may drive the need for outsourcing recruitment include:

Cost is another driving factor of using outsourced recruitment. Companies that hire on a as and when needed basis can find the cost of an external recruitment company to be fair and save business owners a lot of time. Plus, many recruitment companies, such as Zenrec, utilize various job boards and social media recruitment opportunities that collectively individual companies often cannot afford.

Quality and Speed of Delivery.
Utilizing a team of experienced, professional recruiters can increase the quality of hire and the speed with which you fill open positions. When searching for an external recruitment company ensure they take care of job description, screening and setting-up interviews to save you even more time and increase speed.

Anticipated or Unanticipated High Volume Staffing Needs.
Zenrec Recruitment can help satisfy seasonal or cyclical hiring needs, and ramp your staff up or down at a reasonable cost. We have a database of candidates waiting to be discovered for many specified and specific job roles including seasonal and part time positions.

Consistent Tracking and Compliance.
As an outsourced recruitment partner for your company, with over 10 years experience, Zenrec Recruitment will handle and assure adherence to all necessary compliance measures within the sourcing, recruiting, and hiring process. This not only saves you time looking into these compliances before you start a recruitment drive but will also offer you trust and assurance that the process is in the best hands.

Employment Brand.
A candidate’s experience applying and interviewing for a job at your organization has got a lot to do with your brands recognition. With social media being a driving force behind candidates writing reviews and sharing their opinions about the company and the experience they have had. Utilizing a team of experienced, professional recruiters can help ensure only positive reviews of the recruitment process within your company.

At Zenrec Recruitment we focus on ensuring a positive, measurable experience for candidates and ensure effective communication to each candidate.

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‘Zenrec believe in going that extra mile for our clients, it’s our way to show our commitment and loyalty to each and every client, the most important and key element to our business is communication’ Colin Robb, Owner.
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