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Making the decision to outsource Recruitment

27 September 2017

Making the decision to outsource some or all of your recruiting functions to a Recruitment agency isn't an easy one, especially with the wide range of
recruitment companies nowadays . But, there are selective options that might help you narrow done what recruitment path to take and how to
choose a recruitment agency.

Here are some tips to help you identify which recruitment agency is the right one for you:

1. Identify your company hiring objectives

Northern Ireland Car dealership companies Barvian and Shelbourne motors are specialise in new and used car sales. There team of salespeople expand
and adapt to new roles within the company throughout the year, therefore to fulfil the needs for junior and executive sales staff, there objective was to
findĀ a recruitment agency that could adapt quickly and be reliable. Not only was it an important objective to find someone to manage their needs they
also needed a cost effective solution without a large monthly or annual recruitment fee. By Choosing Zenrec Credit Scheme, these businesses were able to buy
credits for job roles and fulfil those credits by hiring new staff throughout the year, meaning if they expand or employees change roles they can be
assured of a stress free employment process. Find out more here.

2. Look for an agency that specialises in your field

If you decide to look for a new recruitment agency, what can be helpful is looking for an agency that already specialises in that field. For example,
construction recruitment agencies can help if you have a large demand for new workers, however be aware that specialised agencies will charge almost
double that recruitment agencies such as Zenrec CHAIR that recruit across all industries such as construction, retail, engineering and manufacturing.

3. Choose the size that suits your needs

When you choose a new recruitment firm, you could choose a large firm designed with 50- 100 employees, however beware of the disadvantages of
using large recruitment firms:

  • You aren't guaranteed communication with one account manager for
    every job position you decide to advertise for. This can be frustrating if
    you hire salespeople throughout the year and have to explain the
    business and job role to a new person within the recruitment company
    each time you wish to have a recruitment drive.
  • Large recruitment firms can have larger overheads and therefore be
    more expensive that using independent recruitment firms, especially
    as their placement fees are very expensive. (View Zenrec Recruitment
  • Large organisations can be more drawn towards other large firms with
    100+ staff therefore may charge smaller business with less than 100
    employees a premium for taking on their business. With Zenrec
    Recruitment we work with firms and put their needs first, you have the
    same account management throughout your time with us and we are
    upfront about all costs.

4. Take location into account

Recruitment firms are far and wide, with online companies based throughout Europe you can never really tell what help, communication or assistance you
are going to receive. With Zenrec Recruitment, we are a local Northern Irish company, who will work with our clients, meet with you face to face and
take care of the entire process, as well as this we will be part of the interview process and help our clients choose the best candidate for their

5. Research the company experience and previous job roles

Some agencies excel in placing executive level positions, while others tend more towards working class positions. Based on the experience and skill set your
organisation is looking for it may be ideal to ask what other positions the company has hired for in the past, how do they find you suitable candidates and where they advertise your business.

Remember, choosing a recruitment agency to work with your business is no easy task, choosing a company you can trust with your company brand while discussing the role to ideal candidates and representing your company while advertising positions online and on social media. Therefore our final tip for choosing a recruitment agency is finding a company with excellent communication

6. Excellent Communication

The recruitment agency you choose will represent your company, through advertising your position and a good recruitment agency will communicate this clearly and
effectively. The best way to know if the organisation is suitable is to seek out testimonials, by visiting the recruitment company website or by contacting companies
they have worked with in the past for reference. Read some of Zenrec Recruitment testimonials here and see the companies we work with.

Current positions at Zenrec recruitment include Engineers, Drivers, Sales Executives, Care sale executives, Administrators, Tutors, Technical Managers, Graduate positions, Logistics , Project managers, Architects, Mechanics and More.

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