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How letting your employees use social media at work can have big benefits for your company.

11 September 2017

Remember having that feeling of excited you just can't wait to tell someone? How great would it be to hire employees that feel that way about the work they’re doing at your company? The secret to finding staff like this, is within your business.

Ok, so using social media in the workplace is ‘frowned’ upon in most professions but say you had employees checking in, sharing what they are doing at their work and mentioning your company name in their comments? Whether your B2B or B2C, this can have some sweet benefits for your business.

It shows a level of trust - show your employee that you trust them to update their LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts with work related feeds this will increase motivation levels and build trust levels within the business.

  1. If you have a website for your company the goal is to get your target market to visit your site and view your products and services and to do this business acquire digital marketing companies to boost their SEO rankings. Social media mentions direct from your company profiles don’t have any benefit towards your website SEO, however external links from said employee profiles can dramatically help your website SEO ranking by 20%. Simply put, the more mentions you get from your employees and customers on social media, the more Google will make your website visible online to your target audiences.
  2. It increases the brand perception of your company, if potential customers can see that your employees love working for you, they are going to know you are a credible and favourable company, not only to work for, but to buy from.
  3. Having your employees share success stories and key learnings from their unique roles can position your company as an innovative place to work that fosters growth and experimentation. People in the audience get an idea of what it’s like to work at your organization directly from a trusted source – someone who is not only thriving at your company but also becoming a thought leader in their field. You will find recruitment drives become easier as like-minded people will want to work for your company.
  4. At the same time, your employee gets to make a name for themselves and show off their skills and what they have learned while working for your company.

This kind of employee visibility adds to employer value while simultaneously supporting your staff and building interest among people who otherwise might not have considered applying to your company. If your employees aren’t quite ready for this level of attention, you can send them to social media training courses, there are lots held by national business groups including NICC, InvestNI, Women In Business and localised Business Groups. They’ll have the chance to make beneficial business connections while learning new things they can bring back to your team.

Zenrec believe in going that extra mile for our clients, it’s our way to show our commitment and loyalty to each and every client, the most important and key element to our business is communication’ Colin Robb, Owner.

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