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Ensuring Compliance within your Recruitment Management structure

22 September 2017

Ensuring Compliance within your Recruitment Management structure

Compliance within your recruitment strategy is a major part of running your day to day business recruiting, hiring, and performance evaluations are all part of running a successful business.

It’s not all about streamlining to find the best candidate, what some businesses fail to recognise (especially business that do DIY recruiting) that to be compliant, they must document and archive data in order to maintain compliance with regulatory agencies or internal policies and procedures.

DIY recruitment can be hard work, expensive, time consuming and businesses don’t always see successful results, what’s more, they can sometimes fail to comply with best practices.

Some of the things to think about if you decide to do your recruitment online, DIY or in-house are as follows:

Increased exposure

 A recruiting solution from Zenrec Recruitment ensures that your business is executing proper notification and advertising of open positions—a requirement highly important for public sector agencies and educational organizations.

Define basic qualifications.

Your company must advertise clearly the basic requirements for the role and ensure consistency in how you post positions. At Zenrec Recruitment, we work with our clients to ensure detailed and consistent jobs specification and description is advertised over all platforms. 

Basic Reporting

Whether you are holding internal or external recruitment drives you must document criteria and processes, which have helped you establish your lasting applicants. By retaining a record of each applicant’s assessment you can safeguard against any charges of bias.

Ensuring interview questions are consistent

You must ensure your interview questions are consistent across the board, again to safeguard against any charges of bias.

Track expressions of interest.

Create, document, and communicate company selection policies and processes. Communicating a clear definition of expressions of interest and consideration is critical for identifying who is an applicant and who is not.

Track candidate status.

Automatically track the candidate through the workflow process. It’s important to track the steps and status and capture the reason a candidate is no longer being considered for a position. This information is then available for compliance reporting.

Ensure proper certifications and qualifications.

Depending on your organisation, pre-screening and background checks are essential and may help you determine whether candidates meet the basic qualifications outlined for the job.

Recruitment Compliance can be a time-consuming and expensive part of DIY /in-house recruitment, many businesses can put their reputation at risk if they do not comply with recruiting best practices.

To avoid the pit-falls and bad experience in your next recruitment drive, consider contacting Zenrec Recruitment. We will take care of the entire recruitment process, including compliance, writing job specifications, job descriptions, screening candidates, ensuring interview questions and processes are consistent and documenting the processes until you fine the ideal candidate for your next role.

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