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Determining staffing needs and what options are available to you

22 September 2017

Determining staffing needs and what options are available to you

What options are available to you once you have established that it is necessary to take some action to meet a staffing need?

Options may include the following:

  • Transfers and promotions within your team

 · Redesigning the job to suit someone in your organisation

  • Job sharing
  • Hiring part-time staff
  • Hiring Casual and temporary staff
  • Outsourcing the work or sub-contacting
  • Executive leasing
  • Shift changes/overtime etc. to cover the additional workflow

The appropriateness of each option varies as the circumstances both inside and outside your organisation change and so impact on the possible supply and demand for staff. If you don’t know what the objectives and goals of your organisation are, you can’t begin to objectively predict your recruitment needs.

The formula that Zenrec Recruitment suggest is asking yourself some key questions:

  • Is the proposed employee necessary?
  • What about costs and budgets?
  • Is there a high turnover in the department?
  • Is there someone in the organisation who can do the job?
  • What are the award/enterprise/workplace agreement considerations?
  • Is the job necessary?

As a potential employer, your next decision will be to choose the right path to recruitment (LINK).  The most popular way to do this is to register with a Recruitment Agency such as Zenrec Recruitment and ask them to do the preliminary recruitment work for you. Part of our role would then advertise the position, sort through all applicants and provide you with a shortlist of candidates (against your job description and person specification) ready for interview.

By hiring a recruitment agency you make the process a lot easier, less time consuming and much more cost effective than in-house and on-line advertising.

Find out more about the benefits of using a cost-effective recruitment agency such as Zenrec Recruitment here:

Choosing between Online Recruitment or Cost effective recruitment agency

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