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4 of the most common reasons our clients choose outsource recruitment.

27 September 2017

Even with the very best recruiters in place, there are select and sometimes unforeseen instances, when it makes sense to call on outsourced recruitment.
But is outsourced recruitment the right talent acquisition strategy for your organization. For over 10 years Zenrec Recruitment have been offering outsourced recruitment to Northern Irish companies.

Here are some of the reasons our clients have decided to choose our recruitment services:


Little or No Recruiting Strategy

Many business owners are too busy running their companies to be able to focus on what their recruitment strategy will be when they need it.
Thankfully choosing an outsourced recruitment like Zenrec Recruitment makes this a lot easier. We ensure we understand you and your business needs and create
your business recruiting strategy based on over 10 years experience. Our strategies are proven to optimize the speed of your existing talent acquisition strategy by identifying and streamlining gaps in the process.

Recruiters could reduce head count

A common misconception is that by outsourcing all or some of your recruitment can reduce your headcount by supplementing the role of these busy staff members already working in HR. However, it should be just the opposite. By hiring the right talented employees for your business, it’s evidence your business is growing. More people in the headcount means more Human Resource roles but by outsourcing recruitment, your existing internal teams are freed up to focus on other more strategic tasks.

Need a Cost-Effective Scalable Recruiting Solution

There certainly isn't anything wrong with calling on temporary staffing solutions, but when this becomes a corporate culture, you can expect your cost-to-hire to sky rocket. Many companies are now using online recruitment, with the perception of it being much cheaper than having to work with a recruitment company face to face. However this is a misconception.

What many companies don’t realise is that outsourced recruitment is a heavily cost-effective nature; particularly when dealing with high turnover staffing or high flows in hiring due to expansions or new contracts.

Lack of Recruiting Metrics

Perhaps there are ongoing roles that your team is consistently struggling to fill, or you need to augment your efforts to push through a period of high volume requisitions and maybe your online strategy isn't working hard enough to find the best candidates for the roles you advertise and at a time of pressure you ‘impluse hire’. Whatever the case might be, think of Zenrec as a fresh set of eyes on your recruitment strategy. We will be able to identify these gaps and work with
you to resolve those issues.

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