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Zenrec celebrates 10 Year Anniversary milestone

14 June 2017

Zenrec Recruitment, Northern Ireland’s robust forward thinking recruitment agent has reached its 10 Year anniversary as a leading recruitment provider. Throughout a decade, Zenrec’s recruitment approach has gone from strength to strength growing bigger and better each year, now delivering recruitment services to some of Northern Ireland’s leading businesses.

‘We wish to thank our clients, for the successes that Zenrec has achieved in the past 10 years’, says Colin Robb, Owner and Recruitment Manager of Zenrec. ‘Our client’s feedback on the nature of our recruitment consultancy has had a strong impact on the growth of our business, feedback is how we learn and grow to become leader in our field. This milestone is a testament to Zenrec commitment to offer Northern Ireland businesses, consistent service, professional advice and a fair pricing strategy and to continue this well into the future for our company, partners, and the industry looking ahead’.

Over the past 10 years, Zenrec Recruitment has built a reputation in the service they deliver, with consistent communication, friendly and fair service plus unlike many recruitment solution available in Northern Ireland, Zenrec offer two pricing options to accommodate the nature of each business, including a one-off payment credit or a placement fee option, which makes Zenrec Recruitment 5-10% lower than many other Northern Ireland agencies.

‘Zenrec believe in going that extra mile for our clients, it’s our way to show our commitment and loyalty to each and every client, the most important and key element to our business is communication’ Colin Robb, Owner.

Zenrec Recruitment look to continue to grow and build upon our successes and wish to thank all our clients for their continued support. If you wish to speak with us about our recruitment services then please contact us on email or call 028 3815 1112.

“Zenrec is an innovative recruitment service that works. Would highly recommend to any local business to try and see the results for themselves. Look forward to working with Zenrec again.” Eurospar

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