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Choosing the right path for recruitment for your company

30 August 2017


Great working relationships start with a great recruitment process that clearly identifies the aims of the new role within the company.  The benefits of choosing the right path for your recruitment process are huge and can help save your company a lot of resources, time and money.

Zenrec Recruitment identifies the key factors to ensuring the best start to your recruitment process.   

Define the role

If you are hiring a for a new or current role you should define the role will help to create the perfect job specification. This way you can ensure to interview candidates that understand why the role was created.  

Choose the type of skills you want the new employee to have

Make no assumptions that a qualification on a CV makes the person you are hiring immediately have the essential skills you expect. Therefore define the skills the role requires and state if it’s a ‘Must have’.  

Advertise the job in the right place

If you choose to use in-house recruitment process or a recruitment agency, ensure you research the platforms you wish to advertise the job role. Advertising on LinkedIn can help create good awareness however you may miss out on people that aren’t using LinkedIn to find new jobs which is common if they wish to keep this from their current employers.

Conduct a shortlist of applicants

Once you start receiving CVs, and before you start setting interviews, make initial contact with applicants and ask about why they have applied and key skills they have. A recruitment agency always makes initial contact to further investigate a persons key skills, background and to determine if they are still interested in the job role.

Decide which applicants you want to interview

We recommend you decide how many people you want to interview and set aside a day and time to meet with the candidates that have shown a keen interest in the job role.

Set-up interview dates and prepare to take notes of the skills each interviewee demonstrates.

Interviews can take time and if you are interviewing 10 applicants you will need to take notes of what each are saying in order to make a decision on hiring a new person.

Make a decision on who to hire and offer salary negotiations

Taken into consideration everything you have learned in the interview process from each person eliminate who you do not wish to hire and decide on who you feel is more suitable for the role.  

Close the recruitment process

Remove advertising and close your recruitment process.

The recruitment process could take 4-6 weeks and longer if you decide to do it in-house. The time taken begins with having to agree a job description and job specification to advertise the job, secondly you will have to decide where to advertise which will take up more time. Online websites such as LinkedIn, Monster, GlassDoor and Indeed are all great websites to advertise in order to find new personnel however can add up to be rather expensive. You could spend more money and time on advertising when seeking a new recruit than you would if you hired a cost effective recruitment agency. We recommend you set a budget before you begin advertising and review the average costs before submitting your credit card payments.

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