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Choosing between Online Recruitment or Cost effective recruitment agency

30 August 2017

Are you a growing business looking to expand your workforce?

Considering to expand you workforce and deciding which options are available to you, depending on the success of your last recruitment drive, print advertising is expensive and not as effective in finding candidates as it once was 15 years ago. Times have changed and online recruitment websites are everywhere, however they do have downsides

What are the Negative Impacts of Online Recruitment


  1. You will have to write the Job Specification and Job Description in-house. This is one of the most important stages of a successful recruitment process (Read why here).
  2. There are hundreds of online advertising websites to use, how do you choose? Even if you choose the top 5 you believe your ideal candidates to be searching you still need to pay to use these website services and many times they charge per click, meaning for every person who reads your advert you could be paying a heavy fee, more than what it would cost to consult a recruitment agency.
  3. Another negative impact you will learn with online recruitment is that you will receive CV and applicants from unqualified candidates which can become frustrating. Shortlisting can take many days before finding ideal candidates to hire.
  4. Set interview dates with candidates and hope they show up. You are running a business and when you need new staff you don’t have time to follow up with candidates to ensure they are attending, the lack of communication from you will also result in less communication being made from the applicant. Many times we experience companies that have relied on online recruitment only to end up having no one turn up to interviews or getting no response from the more ideal candidates once they have sent in their CV.

If you are a growing business, this type of recruitment strategy is not ideal for someone running a busy and profitable business. The focus you put towards recruitment could have a negative impact on you business, taken your focus away or alternatively not spending enough time and effort on your recruitment process could lead to hiring the wrong person. 

How to avoid the negative impacts of online recruitment.

Choosing a recruitment agency you can work with and who will take care of the entire recruitment process while being cost effective is the ideal solution for growing businesses.

A recruitment agency will take care of the following tasks:

  • Writing a good job specification and job description
  • Advertising the role and approaching suitable candidates from their hiring databases
  • Ensure that candidates are available and wish to attend the interview process before shortlisting them to the company for interview.
  • Setting up the interview and offering to attend to monitor the candidates question and answer session.
  • Help the company in determining which candidate has the better skills and training for the role.
  • Some recruitment agency such as Zenrec Recruitment Northern Ireland will offer a solution if your new recruit leaves within the first 3 months, they will be replaced with another suitable and skilled individual, free of charge
  • Depending on your business, Zenrec Recruitment also offer two very cost effective payment solutions for businesses looking to expand (See here the cost effective solutions available from Zenrec Recruitment).

‘Zenrec believe in going that extra mile for our clients, it’s our way to show our commitment and loyalty to each and every client, the most important and key element to our business is communication’ Colin Robb, Owner.

Zenrec Recruitment look to continue to grow and build upon our successes and wish to thank all our clients for their continued support. If you wish to speak with us about our recruitment services then please contact us on email or call 028 3815 1112

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