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28 November 2016

Zenrec Recruitment are delighted to announce four brand new job openings for Prentice Portadown BMW and Prentice Portadown MINI. Prentice Portadown have been using Zenrec Recruitment Services as their recruitment agency for several years and continue to avail of our excellent cost saving recruitment packages.

Prentice Portadown is one of Northern Ireland leading BMW and MINI car dealerships and is highly respected company for customer experience and service.  It is important that every customer experiences a high level of service from Prentice Portadown and Zenrec Recruitment make every effort to accommodate requests for highly motivated and career thriving candidates with exceptional customer service attributes. The company is currently recruiting to fill several new roles in Sale and Management within Prentice BMW and a Part-Time Receptionist role within Prentice Mini with the help of Zenrec Recruitment.

View Prentice Portadown current live jobs on our job site or click the links below for more details & to apply:


Part-Time Receptionist (Prentice Mini ( logo attached)


Sales Executive (prentice BMW)

Business manager (prentice BMW)

Trainee Sales Executive (prentice BMW)


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