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Christmas is coming! Have you organised your seasonal staff?

24 November 2016

Seasonal highs like Christmas are key trading periods for a wide range of sectors, from retail to restaurants. So to cope with the increased demand, many companies recruit additional seasonal workers to help deal with demand. Of course, it’s not just seasonal fluctuations that can cause businesses to up their staffing level, major events can have a huge effect on the local jobs market too such as Northern Ireland playing in the 2016 Euro qualifiers.

So we thought we would bring you some tips on how to treat temporary staff while they are in your workplace. Firstly, treat seasonal and temporary staff as you would full-time staff. Commercial pressures can sometimes dictate busy hiring periods and it can be tempting to cut corners. This is why your recruitment managers need to ensure that their recruitment processes for temporary workers are as robust as they would be for a permanent employee.

This includes assessments just as you would when hiring new full time staff, in order to understand a person’s knowledge as well as their competence to get the job done well, especially at the most busiest time of the year! Your brand will suffer if you don’t take care to source and hire seasonal workers who will ultimately represent the best that your business has to offer.

At Zenrec Recruitment we understand there is a lot to do to the run-up of big events and seasonal times and therefore offer all clients the opportunity to relieve that stress of looking for new staff by letting our team take care of everything! From the job description to screening and pre-interviewing Zenrec make the seasonal recruitment process as hassle free for you as possible.

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 Plan ahead

It is the best advance to plan ahead and get staff organised early, however how do you know that person will show up or hasn’t already found another job! Christmas is often forgotten to the last minute. Zenrec Recruitment can help find you seasonal staff fast! We use a range of methods including our candidate database filled with thousands of job seeking applicants, a range of social media connections, our own website and all of Northern Ireland top job boards! If it’s seasonal staff you need, we will find them! 

Want to know what working rights you need to give temporary workers? Check out our easy to follow guide. 

Build in contingencies

For many companies, knowing how many staff to hire can be an issue, if you become busier than usual or if a seasonal staff member takes ill or decides to leave, this can really add to the stress of recruitment. We advise you speak to your recruitment manager or agency about this. At Zenrec we will offer you a solution to quickly resolve any issues and work with you to ensure staffing needs are met.

Remember your staff reflect your brand

One of the risks for organisations is the failure to invest in processes to support new recruits. This includes carrying out assessments in the recruitment phase to check they have the right skills for the role, as well as training in all aspects of the role, you don’t want to be training new employees over the busiest time of the year! Doing the hiring process yourself and neglecting these areas can have serious repercussions, as mistakes can compromise health and safety standards, lead to poor customer services and even damage a company’s reputation or brand. Zenrec advice is this:

  • Ensure you are capable and ready to provide any suitable and necessary training that you expect seasonal staff to complete.
  • Speak to a recruitment agency for advice, guidance and let them help! 


Brief recruiters properly

If you do decide to use a recruitment agency like Zenrec Recruitment, we will ensure we are fully briefed on what skills you need and key traits you are looking for. Like permanent employees, we know, seasonal workers need to be exceptional.

If you are an employer and need help with your seasonal staffing, please contact Zenrec Recruitment to find out more information. You can do this by phone on +44 (0)28 3815 1112 or at We have new jobs on our website every week, with many exclusive, at plus excellent recruitment structures available for employers seeking to meet with talented and motivated candidates.


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