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What are the benefits of using a Recruitment Agency?

01 June 2016

Recruitment can be a time-consuming process not to mention an costly one when you consider the hours spent hours writing and designing an advertisement and the thousands of pounds spent on online or local paper ads.

Too often, many companies fail to realise that the cost of recruiting is great. Hiring a recruitment agency like Zenrec can actually alleviate these costs - check out our Employer section to not only see what our service includes and get insight into our recruitment fees.

Don't just  take our word for it though, check out these reasons how a recruitment agency can save you money versus DIY recruitment.

Save Time
Someone once said, time is money. Think about all the time an actual recruitment process takes, writing a job description, advertising, reviewing, making phone calls, screening, shortlisting and we could extend this list greatly!
Zenrec take care of the time-consuming process and filtering of the experienced and skilled applicants meaning you receive the final filtered list of ideal candidates – stress free!

Save Money
Instead of paying expensive online and print ads and spending money on Human Resources Zenrec Recruitment will take handle all the expenses while providing your company with the best applicant – we already use over 20 job boards for each of your job. A massive saving on using direct.
Zenrec Recruitment can find the otherwise unknown applicants
Perfect applicants may not always be an active job seeker and often hard to find! Hence you may not find them unless you spend large resources into research and various attraction methods. Zenrec go beyond the dwell into various job seeker websites and professional social channels to find you the best applicant.
The best result – picking the right person for the position means not spending too much time and money on training.

Enjoy a Shorter Process
Zenrec find the labour force you need, filter them and send the best to your company. With almost 10 years’ experience, Zenrec relieve you from pressures and choose the right applicant in a short period, saving your company’s money from empty position.

Less Need for Overtime
We can produce temporary workers that reduce overtime and avoid stress for your current full time staff during busy months, seasonal period, audits or IT upgrades.

Recruiters are Trained to Spot the Good from the Bad
Over the years Zenrec have learnt a lot about choosing the right people for the right jobs. We specialise in a lot of industries including Automotive, Construction, Engineering and FMCG and speak with countless key players within various fields on a daily basis, enabling us to differentiate good and bad applicants.

There's Less Risk
If things don’t work out with the candidate, Zenrec guarantee to replace the candidate free of charge through our Replacement Guarantee. If you're managing your own recruitment process and things don't work out you are back to square one and will need to bear the cost all over again!

Learn more about our recruiting services, visit our Employer section now, or to hear how our clients rate us check out our Testimonials page. 

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