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Zenrecs top tips on interviews…… bag that job!

14 July 2016

We all know the common questions that are guaranteed to be asked at an interview, so make sure to familiarise yourself with these and practice your answers, this way you won’t get stuck when being interviewed.

We suggest preparing good answers to the following:

What can you tell me about yourself?
Can you list your strengths?
What weaknesses do you have?
Why should I consider hiring you?
Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Why do you want to work here?
What is your salary expectation?
What motivates you?
What makes a good team player?
Is there anything that you would like to ask me?

Doing your research prior to interview will do so much for your interview. Familiarise yourself with the company you are applying to because it will help you tailor your answers and questions accordingly plus it shows you are dedicated to what you are doing. Zenrec always encourages their registered candidates to do their research!

Your appearance is very important for interviews. Make sure you are clean, fresh and tidy. Even thought a lot of companies are relaxed you can never go wrong with smart wear, it shows you mean business and will be super smart until told otherwise! You cant go wrong when you dress smart casual, but if you are unsure of what the company would prefer just play safe and be super smart. Better to over dress than under dress! Check out our blog 'Dress for Success' for some tips! 

Take a copy of your CV with you on the day, even though your potential employer already will have one it still shows you’re organised. Also take along any work related to the role you applying for, this will show you are proud of your achievements and have a lot to offer this position.

Also take a notepad and pen, it shows you are again organised and you can take notes on what is discussed. Interviews can be intense so it’s very easy to forget things when you leave. So go prepared! We would never leave the office without a pen and notepad and neither should you!

Smile! We aren't suggesting cheesy grins just a relaxed smile, it will help ease tension and is one of your most powerful assets. You need to be approachable and a smile shows that.

Always have a few questions planned to ask employer, it shows you’re interested in both the company and the position. Consider asking: 

  • What are the main objectives and responsibilities of position
  • How will the job fit within the team structure

Always end on a positive note! Shake the employers hand, thank them for their time and end with ‘I look forward to hearing from you ‘  - This shows you are interested, keen and eager.

Zenrec are lead recruiters, if you have any other questions or want to know more about us get in contact! Good luck Job hunters!

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