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Zenrecs tips on Eating Healthy on the Go

22 July 2016

Working life is amazing but super busy and its sometimes hard to eat right with meetings, interviews, deadlines, appointments and work load, at Zenrec we know that very well but we also know how important your diet is and how eating well helps you do your job even better.

We understand how difficult it is to eat healthy and squeeze in time for meals when all you can do is to munch on the go. Below are a few tips from us to you that should help you to maintain your health and energy levels for work:


Plan Your Meals

Plan your meal ahead and stock your pantry and refrigerator with healthy foods that can be prepared and packed for a quick breakfast or lunch on the go.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Do not forget to have a good breakfast and make sure you start your day with good source of protein and carbohydrates that keep you fuller all day. If you are on the go then pack healthy portable food like boiled eggs, fruits, yogurt and instant oatmeal packets.

Pack Portable Snacks

It is very convenient to stop by a drive thru and order fast food to curb your hunger. Always make sure to pack nutritious portable snacks like fruits and nuts that are readily available and stop you from eating junk.

Cook Healthy Meals

Although, we understand that your busy schedule hardly allows you to cook healthy meals but once in a while you can hit the kitchen and make some healthy snacks that could be packed and can be eaten on the go. Let us explore some of the recipes that promise to cook in least possible time and are a healthy alternative to take out meals:

Some quick food ideas:

·        Buffalo Chicken Hand Pies

There is nothing more fulfilling than a pile of chicken wings that are wrapped into pies. This is a portable meal which gives a tangy, spicy flavor of chicken pies and can easily utilize the leftover chicken and can be baked and consumed for a quick lunch or snack.

·        Caramelized Onion and Spinach Olive Oil Quick Bread

Although salads are the best meal to keep you healthy and fit, but unfortunately they are not fulfilling and you tend to feel hungry after a while. You can choose to bake this bread with onions, cheese and greens and add oil rather than butter, which will provide you with non-saturated fat and keep your cholesterol level in check.

·        Quinoa and Broccoli Cakes

The patties flecked with broccoli and quinoa is an easy-to-eat meal. To prepare, you have to combine eggs, bread crumbs, cheese, herbs and broccoli with cooked quinoa. Mix the mixtures and make patties out of it and fry them up. This meal is enriched with fiber, vitamin C and protein and a perfect combination for having a healthy meal on the go.

It is indeed a challenge to keep yourself fit and eats healthy on the go when you can easily be tempted to grab something from take away and ended up having an unhealthy meal. With little effort on your part you can keep your body in good shape, health perfect and you will be able to achieve anything at work!









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