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Tips for Writing a Winning CV!

14 July 2016

Show the employer your skills match their job requirements clearly

Firstly when it comes to your CV you need put yourself in the employers shoes, your CV needs to represent your skills and show the employer you match exactly what they are looking for. It may be time consuming but have in mind the job you applying for when sending your CV, tweaking it slightly every time means you have better chance to be consider for the job role. Show a clear match of your skills to the job you’re applying for means you have the winning streak over competition.

Be Honest

Honesty on a CV is imperative, fabricating skills or experience will only come back and haunt you later or it could be the breaking of an interview. Your CV is the foundation your interview is built on, here at Zenrec we always stress only add what is true.

Your contact details need to be up to date and correct

It may seem obvious that your contact details need to be on your CV but here at Zenrec we have seen so many people make the mistake of not updating changes or not adding enough contact details. Make sure you have your address, all phone numbers and an email, this way you will never miss out on an opportunity. There is nothing worse than attended an interview and not getting the good news! Check and check again before sending CV.

Proof read again and again!

Common mistakes on CV building is spelling mistakes or grammar errors. Proof read your CV multiple times and even get a second pair of eyes to go over it. Your CV is your holy grail, it’s what sells you, make sure it’s perfect as common mistakes can lose you many opportunities.

Make your opening statement shine

Your opening statement is the first paragraph that introduces your personal and professional attributes to the employer. It needs to cover a summary of who you are, what you like and your skills. Make it snappy but informative. Do not make this a long intro this could put employers off as their time is limited.

Highlight your achievements

Any statement or information you add make sure it highlights your skills and achievements you are proud of, make the employer see what an asset you would be to their company. Do not be afraid to brag, be proud of what you have done and what you can offer. But remember keep it short and snappy, get to the point. Zenrec encourage people to add all their skills and achievements.

Mind your language

Keep your CV jargon free, employers do not have time to read between the lines, they need facts and clear information. Use bullet points, you can expand on these in the interview. Use past tense for your career and present for you transferable skills. Again Zenrec can’t stress enough checking your spelling and grammar!


Make sure you do not clutter your CV, make sure it has plenty of white space and margins, keeping it neat makes it more attractive to read. Use a common type font, it just needs to clear and readable, fancy fonts can complicate things and look messy. If you have more than one page, number the pages so things do not get confused.

Order of information

Personal information should be at top of CV and Zenrec advise you to make sure all details are correct.

Then intro ‘about you’

Work experience

Education, skills and training

Hobbies and references

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