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Why using Zenrec is better for your companies job openings…….

25 July 2016

Why Choose Zenrec? 

  1. We attract and work with professional candidates, we know all our job seekers well and we know who can offer what skills. You need to concentrate on what makes your company successful, on your day to day business so let us take the pressure away of finding you new staff, we will only select you the best, the ones that match your needs, so you can relax knowing we are doing on the hard work for you.
  2. We have the tools and knowledge to advertise all job positions more effectively, it is what we do best so you can have faith knowing your job position is getting maximum exposure.
  3. Zenrec will save you time and money. We focus on the advertising, selecting the right candidates for the job you have open, so you can carry on with normal business and save on advertising costs which may not even get you the results you hoped for.
  4. You can stay focused on your company and job at hand while we do all the work on finding you the right person. All you need to do is wait until we find the right people for you.
  5. You will find that using Zenrec will speed up your job position being filled, we work fast and aim for quick process so you will not be without staff for long.
  6. Zenrec knows where to find talent, we have all the necessary resources to find the best of the best
  7. Not only do we know where to find talent we attract in on a daily basis, we have so many great people sign up with us
  8. There is no limit to how many times you work with us, we can work in advance of job opening or help you find quick staff replacements, Zenrec are on hand whenever you need us.
  9. Zenrec gets results as this is our business and we are dedicated to employers and job seekers.


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