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Sales Recruitment – A guide for employers on getting the most from your sales team.

08 December 2016

Sales Recruitment – A guide for employers on getting the most from your sales team.  

If you have sales personnel in your organization then you will be setting and analyzing sales targets to ensure you are getting more customers and ultimately your sales person is doing what you hired them to do. 

At Zenrec Recruitment we agree that targets should be set to give a clear indication of what kind of performance is expected and incentives should be provided to encourage sales staff to meet and exceed those expectations. But as many sales managers know when sales people are not hitting targets there are a range of excuses heard. Therefore Zenrec Recruitment has put together a guide to ensure these excuses do not slow down sales and what you can do about them.

A guide to ensuring sales targets are met


Having the lowest price doesn’t not always close a sale for your business. Price is one of those factors that a customer can only decide on and if they see value in the product and extra added value in the company which they are buying from. By selling value and not price your sales person(s) may see a big difference in reaching those targets.

A great example of a high priced product that sells millions of units every year is Mercedes Benx, Jaguar, BMW et. Not the cheapest, but it’s the customer perceived value greater than price.


In many businesses when a sales person gets a lead or a sale they get highly motivated and look for their next one – forgetting to update the CRM system. The one important tool in your office is that will help sell more and reach targets is your CRM system. In the UK only 70% off sales leads are contacted because a company failed to have a CRM System or because the sales person did not add the new lead. The CRM System will also allow marketing to know where sales are coming from and what areas to focus on.

The sales manager should enforce your CRM system’s usage. Build a culture where it becomes a priority and if sales reports take too long to create, automate them on your CRM Sytems, which will add extra hours to your sales week.


 “It’s their fault not mine.” By passing the blame sales people not only be viewed in a negative light they may also find that all of your inbound leads stop altogether making it even harder to hit your sales target.

All inbound leads will help full the sales pipeline, and yes marketing will be able to shed a light on the stronger leads. However a sales person cannot rely on marketing to increase figures. See them as a bonus; marketing will create awareness for the company which give your sales team an entrance.

Inbound leads will help the sales pipeline, there’s no denying that but you shouldn’t rely on them for your figures. Treat them as a bonus when you receive one.


In any industry there are peak times for sales and other times there are slow months. The key to a good salesperson is to continue to hit targets when times are tough. Don’t allow your company to blame the time of year on sales to help, you could offer incentives over holiday periods if sales are low.


Many times before we have heard this one, however everyone else has been able to sell the product but you haven’t. A sales person needs to believe in what they’re selling. When interviewing for a new sales person, offer the candidate a product to sell to you over the phone, ask they what they believe the product is good for, increase their understanding and ask them to sale to you again. Remember you know your product best, if you believe a candidate could improve then help them to do so.


Is it really or are you just delaying the inevitable for another month? Too many salespeople rely on the ‘big’ deals to come in rather than focus on a consistent flow where they could close 80% of small or medium sized sales while waiting on that big job to come in.

Do encourage your sales person to stay focused on a 10% probability of closing a large deal even when it may take a year before they sign up – it could lead to continued long-term sales and excellent referrals. However also by picking up your strategy and encouraging sales staff to concentrate on these other small to medium sales in-between times. They could hit your target; the big deals will come as an excellent bonus.

We hope you found this guide to getting more from your sales team helpful. At Zenrec we work with many businesses including David Prentice BMW, Portadown and Soaks Bathrooms, Belfast who seek to hire new sales people for their businesses and with our placement fee recruitment package, if a candidate leaves within the first 3 months we will re-advertise the vacancy for free and source another candidate with no added costs to ourselves.

 We would be happy to speak to you about increasing your sales team by using our excellent pricing packages.

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