Zenrec is an Innovative Online Recruitment Advertising and Vacancy Management Service.

1. Zenrec Business Model
2. How Zenrec Is Different To Traditional Recruitment Agencies
3. How Zenrec Is Different To Advertising Resellers and CV Forwarding Services.

1. Zenrec Business Model

Zenrec.net has been in business for 2 years, we have a team of experienced directors and recruitment consultants who are dedicated to fine tuning our business model inline with the trends of the recruitment industry.

The Zenrec business model takes the bits employers like about traditional recruitment agencies (mass network advertising, candidate databases, professional vacancy management), without the bits that they do not like (controlled communication & expensive fees).

We stand ourselves apart from traditional recruitment agencies and other online recruitment services by offering an innovative and comprehensive expert online recruitment campaign backed up with a professional vacancy management service.

Our pricing policy is fair, our recruitment process is open and transparent and our service is second to none. We work closely with our clients whilst empowering open communication and transparent systems to create a long lasting recruitment partnership.

Our recruitment solution has been created by an employer for employers, resulting in a professional open and transparent recruitment process at affordable prices.

2. How Zenrec Is Different To Traditional Recruitment Agencies.

Traditional Recruitment Agencies normally charge clients a fee of approximately 20% on a successful placement. This can be very expensive, it is not surprising that most SME’s simply cannot afford these costs, and with the current economic climate larger organisations are also more resistant to paying out big agency fees.

A traditional recruitment agency will normally source candidates via online and newspaper advertising that does not disclose the company name. The agency will control communication between the client and candidate and charge their fee once an employment offer is accepted.

Zenrec is different from traditional recruitment agencies because:-

  • We believe that the company name is a fundamental part of a job advertisement, and that is why we always include our client’s name in all our online advertising campaigns and on our website.
  • We give our clients a company recruitment profile on our website, complete with company logo and description – no traditional recruitment agency would do this.
  • We do not edit or manipulate CVs to sell the candidate, what you see is raw data as it was submitted to us, including contact information.
  • We provide an open and transparent system and empower our clients to communicate freely and openly with the candidates we source.
  • We do not charge placement fees or commission fees, so our clients can hire as many people as they wish at no extra cost.
  • We work on a retainer contract basis, we charge a small set fee to advertise and manage a recruitment campaign for our clients.

3. How Zenrec Is Different To Advertising Resellers and CV Forwarding Services.

Some online recruitment companies simply charge up front for an online advertising campaign, much like a reseller and then forward on responses to your inbox. Advertising will normally last for one month and your company name and candidates are not normally dealt with in a professional and confidential manner.

Zenrec is different because:-

  • We promote your company name and brand on all advertising and on our website.
  • We give you an Online Vacancy Management Account, where you can view CVs and make decisions such as Accept For Interview, Decline or Shortlist Candidate.
  • We arrange interviews, candidate filtering, online interviewing, and reference checking.
  • We will work with you on one campaign for 3 months and you can hire unlimited staff at no extra cost.

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