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DIY Recruitment… What to expect when hiring

26 May 2016

So you've decided to expand and grow your team .. Great! 

If you plan on looking after this process in-house let’s take a look at the list of tasks ahead…

Step 1: Write a Job description

Step 2: Decide on an ideal salary

Step 3: Think about where you are going to advertise.

Step 4: Review advertising costs

Step 5: Post your Job Online using your company website, social media, and paid search job boards.

Step 6: Post a job in the Local or National paper.

Step 7: Wait for the CVs to roll in…

Step 8: Receive over 100 CVs emailed to your Inbox for your current position

Step 9: Take up to 20 telephone calls with potential clients looking for more details, salary negotiations, application and CV requirements and those with additional questions.

Step 10: Compile your CVs together and shortlist the talent pool

Step 11: Shortlist 20 key candidates you would like bring to interview and contact each to arrange a time that suits you both.

Step 12: Begin the interview process, with the intension of selecting three final second interviewees.

Step 13: Arrange and conduct the final three interviews and decide on the best candidate for your business. .

Time taken: 200 hours plus

Cost: Advertising, resources, time taken and potentially business lost

Taking all of this into consideration you might want to find a smarter way of doing this, we suggest:

Step 1: Contact Zenrec your local recruitment agency

Step 2: Your recruitment advisor at Zenrec takes care of writing your job description, advertising your job, searches for ideal candidate CVs, takes all calls and enquiries, shortlists CVs, and arranges suitable candidates with a date for interview.

Step 3: The same Zenrec advisor attends interviews for support of applications and offers assistance to hire the newest member of your team.

Step 5: Hire the right person for your business!

Time Taken: 10 hours

Cost: Our low cost recruitment fee

For more information on the service we provide visit our Employer page. Alternatively you can check out our testimonials section to see what clients have to say about us! 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us

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