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Recruitment Personnel versus Technology?

11 April 2016

The emergence of Uber, Air BnB and countless others in recent years have made us all think that we can revolutionise an industry through the use of technology. But the truth is not everything needs fixing. Not every industry will rely solely on algorithms and apps – sometimes what is needed is simple straight-talking solutions. Solutions like professional skilled people, people that have goals and are ruthless in achieving those goals.

The recruitment industry is rife with talent. That talent exists to assist businesses who do what they do best to secure the talent that they need, so they can concentrate on what they’re good at. The truth of the matter is that good recruiters are still required and worth their weight in saffron. Never used a recruitment agency before? Read about the real benefits of using an agency in one of our previous blogs.

Relying on technology to scan job boards and CV sites to find your ideal candidate while paying up to £2,000 a year on each might work out fine for some, but when you don't have enough time to review each candidate or CV carefully this approach just doesn’t make good business sense!

Don’t get us wrong, technology is exhilarating! Zenrec would be one of the first to wrap up in anything tech! But it wont find you the personality traits that fit to your business culture and environment, nor can it determine whether an interview would be time well spent! At Zenrec, we ensure we speak to each suitable candidate we find and ensure they possess all the qualities and requirements needed before we put them forward for your consideration. Saving you time and bringing you closer to finding your ideal candidate.

What businesses need to realise is that recruitment costs add up, and when done incorrectly can be hefty. With Zenrec simply choose from our flat free recruitment or placement fee options to not only save, time and effort, you can also rest assured we'll help you hire the right person with the right skills and traits your company is looking for.  If the candidate leaves within the first three months, Zenrec will even replace them, free of charge!

 Now that's good business sense.

For Zenrec, technology and recruitment are a match made in heaven and every new website, app, and algorithm that is introduced only serves to improve the quality and standards of the work produced by us, enabling us to advertise your job online, analyse the best CVs and take the time to speak to candidate before an interview process begins.

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